Tanner In CF Regional Qualifiers

One of three CFC members who will be competing in the CrossFit Qualifiers in Milford on March 20 & 21, is Tanner Cook. Tanner, age 16, is the son of Larry Cook, a CrossFit Level I Certified trainer and the owner of the Power Barn, until it became CFC last July. Tanner came in yesterday ready to tackle “Fran”, and tackle “Fran” he did; he was hoping to improve his previous “Fran” time of 6:31. He was hoping to get under “6” this time, but he blasted through [Read More] …

The Indian Spiderman

As you can see from the video, this person in India shows the almost limitless potential of moving one’s body: full range of motion, remarkable body weight : strength ratio , flexibility, balance, speed, stamina, coordination — many of the attributes we seek in CrossFit training. Don’t be afraid to try new skills (muscle ups, hand stand push ups, rope climbs, L-sits, ankles to bar, levers, etc) when you have the opportunity. The human body is capable of tremendous things. Remember: every day at CFC, ordinary people accomplish great things.