Labor Day (Monday, September 6th) CFC will be open from 9:30am to 1:30pm (9:30 class and 12:30 class). Going against all protocol of posting the WOD prior to the day, the WOD is going to be a 3 mile run (back of the building to the Bartlem Park playground 3x). We encourage everyone to come in for it, but if you cannot, you should do this one on your own. We don’t run this one often, and it is important to vary your running distance, so this is a perfect time to get a longer run in.

The link below is to an article from the New Haven Register’s website which outlines a study done by William Lunn, a newly hired assistant professor of exercise science at Southern Connecticut State University. The study compares drinking sports drinks versus chocolate milk post-workout, and their effects on the body.