Posts about upcoming CrossFit events.

January 2nd, 2010: Chaos Class

The 10am Chaos was maxed out (good thing we just bought that 6th C-2 Rower!). Our newest member, Judi A, came in for her first workout, along with Vilma D, Brad B, Andrea K, Coach Chris and his fiancĂ©e Rachel. Six 2-minute rounds of rowing, coupled with push-ups, box jumps, wall balls, medicine ball slams, flutter kicks, and AbMat sit-ups in between, kept everyone’s heart rate up for a great class workout. Nicely done!

January 2nd, 2010: Guts Poker

The Saturday 9am Guts Poker was wild, even without regulars Marianne, John, Dave, and Jen. In no particular order, Mike R, Justine L, Eric B, Kathy K, Amy F, Rob J and Dave S threw in their dollars, and the game was on! When the smoke cleared, and the breathing subsided, Eric B (who claimed this was his last met-con of 2010) played a full house and walked away $7 dollars richer and a Paleo Kit healthier.