After a Saturday afternoon of hard labor, CFC member Steve C pretty much single handedly built our “Honest Wall Ball” station. This is a 2 stage project. The 10 foot station is now complete and ready for action, while he needs additional time to calculate how the 8 foot section will be assembled. Apparently, in addition to being a CrossFitter, law enforcement officer, active black belt in judo, active purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grandfather, Steve C is quite the handyman. Be sure to thank Steve C next time you see him, as this will add a new dimension to our training.

The design will ensure that every MB throw is honest, as there is no question as to whether you hit the 10 foot mark or not. The results will be immediate and obvious, as you will not receive the MB from a “short toss” back into your hands, but have to pick it off the floor.

“Karen” will never be the same…

CrossFit Cheshire

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