On Saturday, January 30, 2003 World Masters Olympic Weightlifting Champion and Team Connecticut Head Coach Gary Valentine was at CrossFit Cheshire for an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar. After a brief introduction, lecture, handouts, and video review of various lifts, everyone hit the floor for drills and lifts. The first half of the day was spent on the Snatch, and the second half on Clean & Jerk, along with various drills and secondary movements to assist in the learning process.

Coach Valentine mentioned to me on several occasions how impressed he was with the athleticism of the attendees. He noted several were exceptionally strong and should consider entering Olympic Lifting competitions. He also mentioned he appreciated the level of attentiveness and focus of those who attended and was very complimentary of the facilty. I would like to also thank Coach Lamberty for his role is this seminar, as he identified Coach Valentine as someone who would be an excellent local resource to tap into.

In attendance, in no particular order, was: Brian Vagnini, Marc Lamberty, Brendan Marolda, Paul DeFelice, Mike Rinaldi, Larry Cook, Kim Battipaglia, Eric Brandom, Chris Porini, Dave Santora, Paul Crossley, Gary Ricini, Becky Humphrey, John Urbanski, Jess Genest, and John Logus. Great day of learning and lifting and getting better at CrossFit.

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