I would just like to remind you, now that you are CrossFit training, you will begin to see results, some obvious and some subtle.

One way to track results is to simply have someone take a photograph of you in your bathing suit (or whatever!) — front and back — and then take another photograph in 90 days.   A picture is worth  a thousand words, as they say.

The scale helps, but as we have already discussed, losing fat while gaining lean muscle mass will not be accurately reflected on a scale; a better indicator is how your clothes fit:  looser in the waist and rear, tighter across the chest and shoulders (more so for men).

Also, subtle improvements may be noted at your next physical (BP, pulse, cholesterol, triglyceride levels, etc).  Next time you have a physical (you should try to do this annually), ask your doctor to compare your numbers from last time to this time.  There is your proof and it should be obvious and apparent.

Other areas you should be aware of are quality of sleep (strive for at least 8 hrs), appetite (better food choices), mood, energy levels, etc.  You should experience improvements across the board, although these are gradual and sometimes difficult to document, as opposed to the others.

That being said, have fun with the training, push yourself hard, and give yourself the occasional active rest day (walking, recreational biking or swimming, light yard work or gardening), something that won’t leave you exhausted.  Save that king of energy for the gym!

Your health — and your time — are important, which is why you should make CrossFit training your physical fitness program.  There is no more efficient or effective training program available.

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