The ongoing successes of John “The Urbanator” Urbanski: I first met John this summer when he was recovering from a broken collar bone. He wanted badly to continue his training for rugby, but was severely limited due to the fact that he could not use his arms in any significant way until his treating physician gave him approval. With some creative programming, and his grit and consistent effort, John was able to still train effectively, with the focus on what he could do (not dwelling on what he could not do). Back squats and box jumps, sprints and long runs, walking lunges and air squats, jumping lunges and jump squats, sit ups and back extensions, single-unders, then double-unders. John worked hard all summer, and put on 5 pounds of lean muscle.

Then, once his doctor told him he could start some limited weight training, but could not go overhead, we ramped it up a bit: push ups, rowing, dead lifts, weighted walking lunges, tire sled drags, weighted box step ups, single arm dumbbell snatches, kettle bell goblet squats, and more speed work. And so he put on another 5 pounds of muscle.

John just turned 17 years old, but outperforms grown men; he is 165 pounds and can dead lift 335 lbs. On Friday, January 8, John took his back squat from 295 lbs, went up to 305 lbs, then on the same day stood up 315 lbs to beat his previous PR by 20 lbs! That is huge, and so is this kid’s heart! I could not be prouder of this guy — not because of his numbers, but because of his “can do” attitude, his easy smile, and his willingness to take full advantage of every training opportunity.

CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

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