2022 Recap

#SweatForSteve Event Details

Event Parking:

Please check your emails for details on event parking.  We do ask anyone attending to please carpool, as our parking is limited.


Your heat times are posted below.  Please make sure you sign the digital waiver no later than Friday.  Your entry fee is any donation amount you wish to give towards the Stephen J. Friedler Memorial Scholarship.


Donations will be accepted at the event by cash or check made out to the Stephen J. Friedler Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to a Cheshire graduating senior who is involved in the CHS Hockey program and has aspirations for an education beyond high school.  This year, the first scholarship was awarded to Gianna Ramirez-Ocone, Class of 2022, who was a manager for the team.


Anyone who pre-ordered a t-shirt will be able to pick them up at the event.  There are extras that can be purchased on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Saturday, June 18th Event Heats:

Please check in with a coach 30 minutes before your heat time.

Warm-Ups will take place 20 minutes before each heat’s start time.


  • James H / Malachi O
  • Pat A / Pat C
  • Mark C / Jake V
  • Steph / Maggie / Lauren
  • Cayla / Taryn
  • Nick R / Justin M
  • Eric P / Sanjay
  • Madison M / Crystina M


  • James R / James M
  • Evan Z / Jack S
  • Dylan D / Mike
  • Sean M / Jack K
  • Addison / Allyson
  • Sierra / Kayleigh
  • Mary / Geoff
  • Evan C / Liam


  • Will D / Mike M
  • Jacob / Nathan / Omar
  • Anne Z / Jeff 
  • Ben G / Joe C
  • Steve N / Tom
  • David V / Paul V
  • Matt P / Luke


  • Jill M / Britt R
  • Becca / Reneé
  • Evan G / Charlie
  • Frank I / Ty K
  • Cassi / Sarah
  • Ashley / James D

In Memory of Stephen J. Friedler...

Join us Saturday, June 18, 2022 for our 2nd Annual #SweatForSteve Workout & Fundraiser in honor of our long-time member, Stephen J. Friedler.
Steve was an avid CrossFitter who began training with us at CrossFit Cheshire right before he began high school.  While he attended Coastal Carolina University, he joined Iron Strength and Conditioning; continuing his CrossFit journey.  Steve’s personality and energy is one we truly miss.  He brought happiness to any class he attended.  Steve was an amazing athlete and will always be missed.  This workout is one way we can come together and honor his memory each and every year.  Together we will #SweatForSteve 
Partner Workout For Time:
This workout can be modified to meet ANYONE’s level of fitness
30 Clean & Jerks RX: 155/105 | Scaled: 95/ 65
30 Pull-ups
30 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
400m Partner Run
20 Clean & Jerks RX: 185/115 | Scaled: 115/75
20 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
20 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
400m Partner Run
10 Clean & Jerks RX: 225/135 | Scaled. 135/95
10 Bar Muscle-ups
10 Box Jump Overs 24″/20)
-Partners will split all reps
-Partner A works while Partner B rests
*Partners will complete the run TOGETHER
Scaled Version of Movements:
*Pull-ups:  sub hanging knee raises / abmat sit-ups
*Chest-to-bar Pull-ups:  sub jumping pull-ups / abmat sit-ups
*Bar Muscle-ups:  sub banded pull-ups / abmat sit-ups
*Box Overs (20″/18″)
*400m Run:  sub 200m run / 200m walk

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