Double Chaos! The 9am class saw Pete, Cathy, Billy, Delaney, Dave S, Kathy, Amy, and Steve’s wife Melanie (who joined finally!); the 10am group saw Cathy and Pete back for more, plus Dave G brought his buddy Jim (visiting from KY), along with Tim and Jen R. Another beautiful summer day spent with enthusiastic, motivated people who are getting fitter and healthier every week!

Another beautiful Saturday to be outside getting fitter, stronger, and faster! Double Chaos, as we made the 9am class AND the 10am class Chaos. The 9am class had a lot of barbell work in it (Bear complex, Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Push Press), while the 10am class had a mix of resistance bands, body weight exercises, and a run. The first group was Pete (who stayed for the 10am class too!), Cathy, Jen T, Frank, Julia and Joe, and the 10am class was Kate M (trying out the class), Rebecca, Kyle & Jeff, Andrea K, Jen L, Ashley, and Mike.