Tangible Results

Eric S, a 20 year old Quinnipiac University student, joined CFC in January and was barely able to do a legitimate pull up. After 4 months of regular training and working on his technique, Eric is now banging out consistent Kipping Pull ups, which certainly has helped reduce his times in WODs with pull ups in them. Great job Eric, your hard work and effort has produced tangible results!

March 29th, 2010: WOD

With our master webmaster off in Costa Rica looking for the cast of “Lost”, we stalled a bit on our postings, so now we are making up for lost time: on Monday, March 29th, we had a back breaker of a workout: 5 rounds of 10 Deadlifts, 10 Power Cleans, 10 Front Squats, 10 Push Jerks, and 10 Back Squats, with a 2 minute rest in between each round. Brutal. Everyone rose to the challenge, with no quitting, whining or crying (but plenty of sweating and groaning). Mike D, Matt B, Frank B, Joe G, Paul J, Justine L, Eric S, and John M featured.