A Family Affair

Wanted to profile this family, as Amy trains with her mother Kathy and her husband John, who recently joined (they are friends with Melanie R, who is joining in June, and whose husband, Steve R, has been a member since October; Steve R trains with two co-workers, Rob V and Scott L, and Scott is friends with Kurt M, who just joined this month [Read More] …

May 1st, 2010: Morning WOD

We held our first Team WOD on Saturday, May 1 (thank you to Merle at CrossFit USA for urging me to try this out). We had 3 pairs of athletes (Marianne and Kathy, Pete and Rob, and husband and wife team John and Amy) tackle a good one: 80 Box Jumps, then Sandbag Carry to the hill top for 80 KB Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls, then 400m Sandbag Carry, 80 KB Swings, 400m Sandbag Carry, 80 Push Ups, and a final Sandbag Carry to the starting point. The intensity really gets ratcheted up when there are teams, that is for sure!

Consistency + Intensity = Results

John Logus is one of the most consistent members here, usually arrives mid morning, and with a matter of fact, no nonsense approach, does his own strength training before tackling the WOD. On Saturday, 4/10/10, he was at it again, and pulled six 480lb Deadlifts before his PR single of 600 lbs! Equally impressive is the fact that John is not just as strong as an ox — he regularly puts in a sub 1:30 500m Row. Consistency + Intensity = Results.