The AS Program Grows In Popularity

The AS (After School) Program, under the direction and supervision of Coach Chris Sullivan, continues to grow in popularity! With one program for Middle School (6, 7, and 8 grade) and one for High School, the student athletes are exposed to a wide variety of training modalities. Here, Coach takes them through some indoor speed work using resistance bands to build leg strength, power, and explosiveness. Who says hard work and effort can’t be fun?

Success Story: John U

The ongoing successes of John ‘The Urbanator” Urbanski: I first met John this summer when he was recovering from a broken collar bone. He wanted badly to continue his training for rugby, but was severely limited due to the fact that he could not use his arms in any significant way until his treating physician gave him approval. With some creative programming, and his grit and consistent effort, John was able to still train effectively, with the focus on what he could do (not dwelling on what he could not do) [Read More] …