375# Deadlift

Just when it seemed he could not get any stronger, Tanner C (son of Larry C) came in today (Saturday 5/8/10) and pulled a 375# DeadLift — and he weighs in at 147# and is 16 years old! Is there anyone out there who still thinks you won’t gain strength doing CrossFit? Great job Tanner, way to push yourself to new limits! Click to check out the video!

Consistency + Intensity = Results

John Logus is one of the most consistent members here, usually arrives mid morning, and with a matter of fact, no nonsense approach, does his own strength training before tackling the WOD. On Saturday, 4/10/10, he was at it again, and pulled six 480lb Deadlifts before his PR single of 600 lbs! Equally impressive is the fact that John is not just as strong as an ox — he regularly puts in a sub 1:30 500m Row. Consistency + Intensity = Results.

Success Story: John U

The ongoing successes of John ‘The Urbanator” Urbanski: I first met John this summer when he was recovering from a broken collar bone. He wanted badly to continue his training for rugby, but was severely limited due to the fact that he could not use his arms in any significant way until his treating physician gave him approval. With some creative programming, and his grit and consistent effort, John was able to still train effectively, with the focus on what he could do (not dwelling on what he could not do) [Read More] …