Coaches Roster

We are happy to have brought in several new part time coaches to fill out our roster! We now have a total of 8 part time coaches: Marianne, Paul, Chris, Tanner, Jess, Josh, Pat and Tom. In addition to the CrossFit Level I Certification, at least one of us has attended the Olympic Lifting (Mike Burgener), Nutrition (Matt LeBlanc), Gymnastics (Jeff Tucker), Barbell (Mark Rippetoe), Power Lifting (Louie Simmons), Football (John Welbourn) and Rowing (Angela Hart) certifications, with the Movement & Mobility (Kelly Starrett) certification up next on October 23. We continue to expand our knowledge base in order to bring our members the best fitness training and coaching possible.

Tom’s Return

Tom S, a NY native and one of the first Quinnipiac students to join CFC, came back early to take care of some school business. But he had his priorities right, and did a WOD before heading over to QU. Tom has been CrossFitting in NY over the summer, and he looks to be in great shape. Can’t wait to have him and his crew back in a few weeks! Great job Tom!