To the people who came out this weekend to Beast of the East thank you for your support! Jess C competed as an individual, Sway competed in the SicFit Project Mayhem competition and Tanner in the Olympic Lifting. It was an awesome weekend amongst some pretty sick athletes. If you get a chance to go to these events we highly suggest it. Having so many talented athletes all under one roof is not only a great opportunity to watch or take part in some competitions, but also to check out the celebs of CrossFit!

Tanner snatched 165#, and clean and jerked 242#!!! He received 1st place in the junior division and 3rd place in the open division!

Jess did 5 wods placing 33rd out of 39 competitors …

  • 5k run at 26:16
  • max weight Clean & Jerk = 120#
  • max reps of 185# deadlifts in 2 minutes = 17
  • max weight barbell Turkish get up = 50#
  • 21-15-9 of Calorie row, 65# overhead squat, burpees w/cap of 10 min She placed 27th while she was in the middle of her 9 calorie row at the 10 min mark

Sway please post your results! We know he was pretty beat up!

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